Women Empowerment

Empowered women form the base of the overall socio-economic advancements of society. The rural-urban divide in terms of health, education,livelihood opportunities,economic and financial inclusion of women can't be ignored once Civil societies embark upon the journey of empowering women. The rural women for long have not been able to break free from the shackles of patriarchy. The dependency on their male counterparts in decision-making has hindered the growth potential of rural women in a big way. The wrath of illiteracy has decimated health and employment indices of rural women since ages. At 46.6%,the literacy rate of rural Jharkhand women fares poorly against 58.8% national estimate of rural women. It's the women in the SC, ST and other weaker sections of the community who need to shed off their vulnerability to male dominance by opening a window of opportunities through education.

Gender inequality acts as a roadblock to all developmental activities.By hampering their accessibility to available resources, the knowledge and insight of rural women goes untapped. 66% of women's work in rural India goes unpaid as compared to 12% of rural male. Further these females are 75-90% less paid than their male counterparts. The story is no different in the tribal state of Jharkhand. Equal participation of women in the workforce by bridging gender gap can increase India's GDP by a whopping 27%. Women spend 90% of their income on domestic consumption which boosts the demand of rural economy.

Prabha, the Deoghar based NGO firmly believe in bringing the marginalized women from SC, ST community to the mainstream of rural economy in its operational area of Santhal Pargana. Bank linkages, easy credit and loan facilities is one such initiative in this regard. We believe in creation of new age women entrepreneur at village level. Our efforts in formation of women's SHGs, VOs,federations and their subsequent capacity building and handholding have resulted into organized group of women playing a pivotal role in planning and executing livelihood activities for the community.

Free from the grasp of male domination, these women have imbibed all facets of leadership while rapidly scaling the domain of rural economy. Prabha has been a guiding force to these vulnerable group of tribal women through its hand holding in setting up of kitchen gardens, backyard poultry farming,fisheries and lac cultivation. These well synchronized women SHGs now take care of the health, nutrition and financial stability of their respective villages.

Prabha through it's relentless work in the tribal pockets of Jharkhand and poverty stricken parts of Bihar, has become the true voice of these indigenous, grassroot women communities. We widely acknowledge them as a custodian and propagator of traditional knowledge.

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