Jharkhand State Watershed Mission

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Brief Introduction of Project:

Khunti JJY-01/Khunti/2020-21, Watershed Project in the state of Jharkhand is a Milli watershed project which is located in Khunti Blocks of Khunti District. The Khunti JJY-01/Khunti/2020-21 watershed Project is a group of 16 villages which are Bariloyong, Bongamad, Burhadih, Dangiadag, Habudih, Hakadua, Hating Chauli, Karora, Kujram, Kurkuta, Latarhatu, Omto, Putidag, Sandasom, Tarub & Tilmabeing their respective Elevation. In the year 2021-22, 5038.02 hectare has been undertaken to be treated under JSWM JJY-01/Khunti out of the total project area of the watershed which is about 5453.70 hectare. The area is surrounded by hills alternating with valleys, steep mountains, and thin forests on the slopes. The project area lies amidst the above-mentioned landscape in the Khunti blocks of Dist. Khunti.
Khunti JJY-01/Khunti/2020-21 watershed has been marked as Kanchi River Watershed. The above-mentioned watershed is bounded by 230 09’12.25” to 230 10’7.69” North latitude and 850 25’ 38.71” to 850 24’09.11” East longitude. Here the biodiversity is seen to be in variation and species have been observed to be in abundance along with human population’s environment. The agriculture-based economy is the only means and the sole provider to the people for livelihood. Khunti JJY-01/Khunti/2020-21 Watershed has a total of 878 households with a population of 3687 out of which 1867 are male and 1820 female. The total number of families under BPL is 85.97 % of the total households of the village. The percentage of schedule caste/tribe in the village is about 98 % of the total population. The sex ratio is 1.00:1.02. There are 877 BPL families. The average family size is 4.20. The populations of Schedule tribes and other backward classes are greater in watershed areas. The means of livelihood for most of the population comes from Agriculture and daily wages in capital. For better remuneration aspects they prefer venturing to the forest area for fire wood and other non-wood forest products collection. Major problem identified in this area is in the summer months as there is dearth of proper drinking water.

Supporting Agencies:

Government of Jharkhand

Duration of Project:


Project Location:

Block - Khunti, Dist. - Khunti

Target Beneficiaries:

To reach approx. 9281 beneficiaries.

Objective of Project:

To increase the water level, promote the farmer for agriculture and support SHG and landless villagers for livelihood.

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