Policy Advocacy

Scheduled tribes constitute around 26% of Jharkhand's population. A vast majority of these people dwell in scarcity of resources,surrounded by acute poverty in their rural fold. Prabha has been instrumental in advocating the importance of proper nutrition,hygiene and sanitation practises for a lasting health. Our planned intervention through school management committees on thematic areas has altered rural perspective on health,nutrition and education of children. As a result of our persistent efforts through ‘Anda Khilao campaign’, eggs have been included in mid day meals of government schools in jharkhand.

We stand for economically,independent women free from the wrath of male domination. We have been vocal for the need for SHGs, fully owned and operated by the female members of the rural community. Being the cornerstone in the formation of such groups, Prabha has empowered thousands of disadvantaged females in safeguarding their basic constitutional rights. It has added a new fillip to our quest of promoting a better reproductive & child health,girl’s education.abolition of prevention against women and abolition of child marriage customs among the rural fold.

We, at Prabha, have long rooted for the concept of food diversity through the initiation of kitchen gardens and sustainable farming practises. It has gone a long way in curbing malnutrition and unemployment in rural Bihar and Jharkhand. Our WASH initiatives along with the wall painting concepts in schools have boosted attendance substantially. Being the part of state nodal social audit group as a resource partner in Jharkhand, we vouch for people’s rights through policy level interventions in The Right To Food Forum networks and MGNREGA watch groups.

Street plays,nataks,nukkads and other folk media methods have kept our voices on policy level relevant. In our intermediary roles,we bridge the gap between the donors and the end community. We chanelize the communication from the community to the government mechanisms and CSRs through our field research and documentation. Our efforts have seen the light of the day through interventions by Government and corporations (CSR) on the thematic areas.

Our Donors