Strengthening Local self Governance

Only 40% of the rural population in the country have access to government schemes /programs. Lack of knowledge of such initiatives due to illiteracy and acute poverty has been detrimental to growth and development. The current state of affairs of local self governance further adds on to the responsibilities of rights based civil societies. Prabha, being one such organization has laid down strong frameworks of collaboration and functioning of local self government entities. We also profess the method based approach on the part of professionals who are responsible for the last mile delivery of benefits to the disadvantaged sections.

90% of India's poorest have no access to health insurance . The benefits of "Ayushman Bharat" are yet to reach the vast majority of rural poor. Prabha, through its projects has collaborated with front line health workers in ANMs, ASHAs, ICDS workers and primary school teachers in building their capacities for an effective mobilization and coordination in implementation of government schemes at the field level.

Prabha through its projects has endorsed monitoring and evaluation of PRIs at community level. We have trained PRI members on their rights and responsibilities. Our efforts have instilled leadership skills and deep knowledge of thematic issues among PRIs for a multi stakeholder engagements in the domain of rural health, education, nutrition and livelihood.

Prabha has been instrumental in strengthening rural education through the formation of a School Management Committee in the Tribal areas. The well documented PLA processes have gone a long way in facilitation of local level planning and implementation of village health and nutrition days. The introduction of wall painting concepts in Schools resulted in a substantial increase in attendance. Awareness generation and training program of the PRIs with regard to MGNREGA and Right to Information Act, has yielded positive results.

We have initiated an effective community monitoring system comprising community scorecard,progress tracking,performance & social audits and published budget tracking mechanism at panchayat and block level.

As mobile penetration in rural jharkhand is estimated to grow by 36 % annually,Prabha is committed in imparting digital literacy through training on internet usage by the virtue of which community can become self reliant in accessing and availing benefits through e-governance portals.

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