Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprising

Prabha firmly believes in the self -sustainable social enterprise models through coherency of approach and consistency of actions in the current development ecosystem. Focus has been on transition from Nonprofit to hybrid models inclusive of nuances of both 'for profit' and 'not for profit' institutions. This has been a paradigm shift from the traditional grant driven approach that we have been following over the years.
Our donor mapping exercised matches up to the donor's perspective on sustained income based models. Organizational development and optimal resource mobilization forms the crux of our social entrepreneurship designs. We believe in leveraging the assistance of crowd-funding platforms in carrying out our campaigns on issues of unemployment, child labour, women empowerment, health, nutrition and hygiene management. Our facebook and Twitter handle are the original voice of the community. It intends to bring the CSR/donor attention to the existing roadblocks to rural development. A well designed website with payment gateway integration,is Prabha's way of keeping up pace with the evolved CSR practises in the modern day development sector. Our sustainable income based model on Roselle tea as well as the campaign (Give Wings to Budhiya's dream) on bringing children from beedi factories to mainstreams of education has generated a wide public awareness on the social media platforms.
Prabha is an embodiment of accountability, transparency and professionalism in approach through its intervention in sustainable livelihood projects encompassing agriculture and livestock management. Our strategically outlined goals well implemented through standard operational procedures have garnered support and trust from esteemed CSRs like Tata Trust, CINI, Infosys, ITC BMZ, WHH among others.
A well knit organizational structure coupled with good governance is a prerequisite for a long term commitment from modern day donors /CSRs. Prabha has adjusted to the demands of the current development ecosystem by prioritizing social enterprises which can be scaled up after the initial years of financial support and handholding. Positive inroads in the arena of health, nutrition, education and WASH has greatly complemented the Prabha supported livelihood based models in Dumka, Pakur and Deoghar districts of Jharkhand.

Our Donors