Smart Lakhapati Kisan Program


The whole project is based on building Jama block in Jharkhand as a driver of regional growth while transforming the quality of life of 3000 households under central India partnership.

Supporting Agencies - Tata Trust, BRLF, CINI, Infosys.
Duration -2015-2020
Location -44 rural tribal villages from 5 panchayats of Jama block under Dumka district of Jharkhand.
Target beneficiaries -3000 tribal households below poverty line.

Creation of Smart Lakhpati Kisan by creating an annual income of 1,20,000 of target households through various livelihood generation programs.

The project aims to solve the existing problems of malnourishment, mass unemployment and insecurities culminating out of abysmal health, nutrition and hygiene standards. By prioritizing sustainable farm practises for crop production, goat rearing, lac cultivation, horticulture plantation, fishery and backyard poultry as viable livelihood options, our initiatives has been a guiding light in poverty and hunger eradication as well as women empowerment through SHG and VO formations. It also gives impetus upon comprehensive strategies for sustainable conservation of land, water and natural resources,financial inclusion, innovation and intervention through marketing linkages. Technical trainings and transfer of knowledge on income based business model forms the crux of the project.

Women empowerment has been the hallmark of this whole exercise. So far 218 women SHGs,14 village organizations (VO) along with one women federation have been formed and subsequently strengthened.
A staggering 20,53,000 soilless saplings of tomato, chilli, brinjal, bittergourd,cauliflower and cabbage were distributed to marginal farmers in the project area. Further, 2922 households participated in paddy and high value vegetables cultivation during Kharif season.
3018 farmers trained in goat rearing with two selected as goat entrepreneur, 146 azola pit constructed, 132 goat shed prepared, 12900 PPR vaccination done and 2596 deworming completed till date.
632 households engaged in lac cultivation.
55 water structures comprising seepage wells, ponds, solar lift irrigation, drip involving 290 households covering 118 acres of land, has given a much needed boost to crop rotation, high value and crop cultivation in the rain deficient areas. Dependency on monsoon has been checked.
2000 households have been sensitized on safe drinking water,open defecation and menstrual hygiene management. Orientation and counseling of school children, females and adolescent girls has broken the age old barriers unsafe hygiene practises.
250 households involved in fish cultivation in 95 ponds. A large number of fish entrepreneurs owe their genesis to the flagship program of Smart Lakhpati Kisan.

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