Budhiya's Dream By PRAVAH

Total Target: INR 360000/- for 30 children for 1 year including education and one square meal.

Budhiya is only 13 years old and earn Rs. 50 every day by making bidis leaving her school. Improper diet is restricting her mental and physical growth. Every morning while she passes by her school to collect bidi leaves, her eyes search for the golden days she spent there with her friends but soon she realizes that earning money to feed empty stomach is her first priority. Hundreds of such Budhiyas from Sonaraithadi of Jharkhand are compelled to lead such life leaving their childhood behind.

Labour To Learners

2 out of 3 children drop out or become irregular to schools before completing their elementary level of education in Jharkhand

These drop-out girls are being deprived of a fulfilling childhood owing to lack of resources and support. They fear that they may not come up with studies again. They are waiting for the hand which will offer them another chance to redefine their future. Your donation will help them in reassuming their studies.

The School Drop-out rates in Jharkhand are very high compared to the national average. According to the FMIS report (2006-2007) almost 68 percent in the state drop out before completing their elementary level of education. Dropout rates are high among SC girls, where, only one-fourth of them are retained at the elementary level.

A District level analysis of Jharkhand by Pratham (2012), highlights that Deoghar has the second higher percentage of children i.e, 40.9percent who can read letters and words and the lowest proportion of children who can recognize numbers.

Your donation can make a huge difference in their life.

Who are we?

A Non Profit making organization working since 1992 in Santhal Pargana Region of Jharkhand for poor and vulnerable sections of the society Our Vision is to establish equity based and just social order where everyone can live a dignified and respectful life. With the goal of Gram Swaraj, PRAVAH initiated its development mission in 10 villages of Sarwan Block in Deoghar District with the vulnerable target groups especially women and children to fight against poverty and hunger. Gradually PRAVAH scaled up its development initiatives from 10 villages to 300 villages, where several innovative and successful development models have been established towards sustainability. PRAVAH is registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 since 1992, with its headquarters at Deoghar, Jharkhand and carry out operations at more than 300 villages of Jharkhand and Bihar. PRAVAH is also registered under FCRA 1976 and under Income Tax Exemption Act 12A and 80G. For more details click on www.pravahjharkhand.org

What we do?

We have designed bridge course to meet the need of such children through concept of joyful learning in “KSHAMATA” a school building made for drop- out girls at Sonaraithadi itself. Moreover, we arrange classes to make quality education available near those children who cannot reach “Kshamata” due to distance barriers. Our effort and intervention through this school and mobile classes has resulted into successful outcome. Many of our children got mainstreamed after completing bridge course in basic education in government schools.

Stories of change :

Hemanti Hembrem and Sanjati hembrem, daughters of Mangleshwar Tudu and Mano Tudu from village Dhanwe of Sonaraithadi had left school in 2017 in class 3. After regular counseling, of Hemanti and her parents, they started bridge course at “KSHAMATA” School and mainstreamed at Dhanwe Middle School in 2018 in class 5. Teklal Murmu, the teacher at school still helps her in regaining confidence in studies. Hemanti dreams to be a teacher in future whereas Sanjati is still finding answer to the question of future profession.

Rupa Murmu is another girl of Sonaraithadi whose left school after Primary education to support household chores at age of 12 after her sister Nunni’s marriage at very early age. Rupa used to pass her days collecting woods from forest and helping her mother in the household chores. Last year she and her parents were convinced to send her to “KSHAMTA” for 2 hours only. Gradually through interactive sessions she started gaining interest in studies. Now she has taken re-admission in nearby government school in class 6.

Many more lives can be changed through this intervention like Hemanti, Sanjati and Rupa. Limited resources are the only obstacle which is keeping these girls away from their bright future. Study materials, teachers and running kitchen are all that is needed to bring these girls to their dream. Your contribution is the valuable link through which we can make quality education available to these children with one square meal.

What we want to achieve.

Through our movement “From Bidi making to Students” we want to provide quality education to 30 such children who are compelled to left school at such early stage of life in rural areas of Sonaraitahri block of Deoghar, Jharkhand. We want to provide quality education with one square meal to these unprivileged children at “KSHAMTA” (School for drop-outs) through joyful learning sessions. This will help to them to cope up with the blanks in the education thus providing them a chance to connect with regular schooling.

Your Contribution can take Budhia back to school.

How can your contribution help?

Your contribution can change the whole life of such child from a malnourished ‘Bidi maker’ to a healthy responsible citizen of tomorrow. They will be provided with books, copies and other study materials with one vocational course and one supplementary meal. Teachers will be hired and trained accordingly to meet the requirement of these children and made them ready for mainstreaming at schools as per their ages. With your help we shall be able to arrange

Honorarium of teachers.
Cost of study materials.
Wages for kitchen staffs.
Cost of food materials.

Utilization of Funds

What will you get?

Tax Benefit certificate.
Welcome brochure.
Annual Report containing details of funds utilization.
Sense of satisfaction for helping someone to come out of darkness.

Let’s make an act to make our existence more meaningful. Donate a small amount to lend your hand as “Light of Change” in Budhiya’s life.


You can support by donating:
ONE TIME contribution

Rs. 12000 Rs. 6000 Rs 1000
Support a child for 12 months for one square meal and basic education. Support a child for basic education for six months. Support a child for a month for basic education

We also welcome any other amount for your support………………………………………………
*All donations are eligible for deduction under section 80G

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