Sustainable livelihood

Since it’s inception, the tribal state of Jharkhand has been reeling under poverty. 46% of state's population is estimated to be dwelling in poverty. However the incidence of poverty among SC and ST population is an alarming 60%.To make the matter even worse, the current rate of state's unemployment dipped to a pathetic 59.2% in May 2020 during nationwide lockdown,the worst nationally.Prabha has brought back the smile which has long alluded the faces marginalized by socio -economic plight. The Santhal Pargana districts are still coming to terms with mass unemployment afflicting health and educational fronts. Prabha’s role and assistance is deeply embedded in inclusion of rural fold in to income generation activities. We stand up for equal work & wage opportunities without any gender biases by being watchdog of several MGNREGA projects.

The Smart Lakhpati Kisan initiative from Prabha’s end has answered some of the pressing questions in the area of sustainable farming and livestock management.Trainings on crop rotation, multi cropping, organic practises, green manuring, vermicompost pit construction,technical inroads in irrigation under the watchful eyes of ATMA ,CINI Trust, and JSLPS has been a huge push in this regard .Kitchen gardens, paddy nurseries,fishery,lac cultivation, goat rearing and backyard poultry has brought a large group of families,especially PVTGs a secured source of income. These projects have been a means for these weaker, marginalized sections in crushing the doldrums of financial instability. A march towards a better future in which the rural community thrives in providing for its family’s basic necessities in education, nutrition, health and sanitation.

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