“Damin-A-Koh” A holistic approach supported by HDFC PARIVARTAN

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Brief Introduction of Project:

These can be highlights is this manner:
Community engagement
Strengthening community leadership
Formation of village committee
Build skilled community members
Convergence and collaboration with local Government
Engaging youth and building volunteers
Forming farmers collectives
Introduction of renewable/solar energy-based source
Mapping natural resources
Developing water resources
Promoting sustainable agriculture
Women empowerment
Ensuring quality education and good health.

Supporting Agencies:


Duration of Project:

10-01-2022 TO 31-12-2024

Project Location:

Barhait, Sahibganj

Target Beneficiaries:

Target beneficiary will be the villagers of 18 villages of Barhait block of Sahibganj district

Objective of Project:

Upliftment of standard of living of most vulnerable PVTG community and Santhal community of the block of Barhait, Sahibganj, Jharkhand.

Success Story of the Project:

Women enjoying chemical free tools and getting healthy vegetable for family

photo gallery
Introduction:Smt. Jyoti Malto W/O- Shree Sundar Pahariya aged 23 is having 4.5acres of land and practicing traditional farming system with her husband who is a farmer. She doesn’t have the permanent source of income. Her cropping pattern was totally depending on the monsoon. She has family of 4 members having 3 male and 1 female. The income doesn’t meet the demand of the family especially the health concern of the family members. She doesn’t know about the kitchen garden or nutrition garden concept and how it can be helpful for the family members.
Training: She got training on nutrition garden with the help of HRDP funded by HDFC Parivartan. And with the help of field coordinators, she planned for this. In this process she has been given quality seed by the PRAVAH funded by HDFC, Parivartan.
Achievements: She introduced following modifications in her nearby field now people around them recognises her practice and willing to adopt the same.
Importance for farmers:As a result of her improvement, ten persons from their community also started nutrition garden/kitchen garden. As they are staying at the peak of the mountain, there is always scars of water. This practice help villagers to cultivate the seasonal vegetable for their family members which is totally chemical free. She has also encouraged and motivated fellow farmers to adopt scientific practices of vegetable cultivation and management rather than traditional one.

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