OAK Action Research in Santhal Pargana by FXBIS

The primary focus of the project is to understand the current state of children in the Damin areas of Santhal Pargana,Jharkhand. The research based project proposal concentrates on evidence in extraction of an outcome of precedence.
This joint collaboration of Prabha,JVP and Sathi is supported by FXBIS.

Project Profile

Duration- November 2019- November 2021
Area coverage- Shikaripura block Dumka district
Targeted Household -2000 in 20 villages.


Setting up of a block level core committee that acted as a perfect launchpad for project implementation in collaboration with two other organizations JVP and Sathee.
Prabha's meticulous field research can act as a case study for future references.
With the onset of pandemic, Prabha has worked in tandem with Welt Hunger Life and Tech Mahindra in carrying out relief distribution programs in 1500 households.
Our impact assessment survey in 10 villages throws light on covid induced vulnerabilities in functioning of PRIs, SHGs, ICDs, ANMs, ASHAs. It further gave a deep insight about the impact of the pandemic outbreak on day to day life of adolescent boys & girls, migrant workers and other members of the community.
Soap distribution program in 20 adopted villages of the project operational area.
Heightened awareness on child labour, health and hygiene management at the school level.


Project duration - January 2018-December 2021.
Location - 44 villages in 8 panchayats from Sonaraithari block in Deoghar district.
Supporting agencies -BMZ & WHH

Prabha, being an implementing agency of the project, is consistently devoted towards striving for transformation of Sonaraithari block as a new template of socio-economic change for other districts of Jharkhand.

Identification of 1058 malnourished children in 801 households.
55 nutrition camps conducted in 40 villages.
1500 households got access and support through kitchen gardens.
Around 460 farmers received support through sustainable, integrated farming systems, vermicompost pit construction, and azolla support.
1156 households trained in backyard poultry farming.
268 handwash platforms created, wash-kit distribution among 807 children, 1,63,000 soaps distributed in 1400 households.
Water testing exercise done in 44 villages
Sensitization program about proper hand-wash,sanitation and hygiene practises conducted in 20 schools through celebration of global handwashing days.
Awareness generation about nutritional intake in 16 villages conducted through celebration of nutrition month.
Nutrimix distributed among 250 children. Prabha's intervention has helped in treatment of 100 Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) children.
Gram Safai Abhiyan conducted in 25 villages

Building Domestic Resource mobilization capacities of Social Enterprises through Innovation, Enterprise & Technology

The three main facets of Civil Society Development (CSO) have been the focal point of this project. These are as follows :
A top of the line communication strategy through apt social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, showcasing campaigns and story- telling through graphic designs, videography and photography. All these communication tools have undergone revamption and its subsequent capacity building has resulted into an evolved crowd-funding platform online.
Organisational development through setting up of a well designed organisational structure and delegation of responsibilities based on expertise and hierarchy. It also includes streamlining of human and financial resources as per the organizational goals of respect civil societies.
Institutional fund raising through donor mapping, DPR and concept note development and knowledge sharing on latest CSR thrust areas through the Boot Camp.


Updation of Prabha's HR, Financial and Travel policies.
Successful CSR partnership with ITC, Tech Mahindra foundation, Tata Trust and Infosys.
Prabha now boasts of an updated website with payment gateway integration.
successful implementation of self sustaining social enterprise model for Roselle Tea.
A centralized Management Information System (MIS) has been installed, tracking the organizational footprints over the years.
We have formed a collegium with google for nonprofits, Microsoft and Nasscom Bigtech on various social causes.
Prabha has been part of the esteemed group of CSOs who have jointly raised around INR 30 lacs through 25 different social campaigns. Working in sync with corporations in their CSR initiatives, Prabha has carved a niche for itself in the ever evolving development sector.
Prabha's campaign -'Give Wings to Buddhist's Dream' : Beedi making 2 Books , aspires to bring child labourers in beedi factories into the mainstream of education. It has raised over INR 50,000 through online campaigns.

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