Building domestic resource mobilization capacities of CSOs through innovation, enterprise & technology

"Building domestic resource mobilization capacities of CSOs through innovation, enterprise & technology" is a project supported by Welthungerhilfe, co-funded by European Union.

The specific objective of the project is Selected Civil society organizations have enhanced capacities on resource mobilization through the creation of a common platform that brings together different resources & stakeholders.

The specific results envisaged while conceiving the project is:
Result area 1 : A crowd funding platform established to raise funds for social action , entrepreneurship, and innovation around water, land forest & sustainable agriculture, and food & nutrition security.

Result Area 2 : Selected CSOs have successfully developed social enterprise models through organizational models through organizational development & and mobilizing investment.

Result area 3 : CSOs have improved access to institutional both public & private funds through an established support system. In first phase PRAVAH started to find out Northern-Eastern CSO partners those are seeking challenges to mobilize domestic resources and facing challenges internal capacity building on it. PRAVAH circulated a nomination form to find out and selection of those CSO’s. In first phase 20 CSO’s Selected form Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand. For better understanding firs PRAVAH arrange an Inception workshop in presence of WHH and EU director’s ad managers. Inception workshop gives a clear idea/or approach what support will provide to CSO’s in coming days so that they will enough capacity to mobilize domestic resources. Almost every partners influence and encourage such initiative/or support.

After inception workshop PRAVAH organize a field visit to better understanding the issue of CSO’s which need to be focused for crowd funding and how to major the impact which needed to reported to individual donor. PRAVAH understand the stories/campaign which needed to focus in crowd funding platform and what challenges CSO’s are facing to do that.

In this context, highly experienced consultant BARAPANI recruits for handholding support towards CSO’s. Which challenges CSO’s are facing described to BARAPANI to making easy their task in hand holding support. BARAPANI divided their training in two phases. PRAVAH was responsible to arrange the training and identify and select the best person for the training.

First phase included the usual external communication, how it make easy, smart, as well as informative and interesting for individual donor. This includes Website, Social media like face book page, twitter,YouTube channel etc. Along with how interesting a story should be, photography and videography of that story, how to pitch that story to audience etc, morely the idea frame work and how to present that idea is constructed in CSO’s.

Second phase includes digital marketing loop, mail chain, target group creation as well as e-news letter and other technical thing which create an audience like individual donors.

First phase happen in octobor,18 at Kolkata where 20 CSO’s participant and after the workshop there are continues handholding support towards the CSO’s from PRAVAH end up to second phase training which will done after six month means April,19.

In hand holding phase 2 campaigns are ready, one from DRCSC and another one from PRAVAH which is uploaded in crowd funding platform “Ketto”.

During the visit after inception workshop PRAVAH team also find out the income generation ideas of each CSO’s which need to identify and start as a social enterprise. For better understanding of social enterprise models, their financial and legal compliances. For this purpose PRAVAH appointed a short term basis consultant Social synergy Foundation and bring them live at BHOPAL along with CSO partners. In this 2 days workshop CSO’s understand how became a separate entity registered with an influence of social cause which the CSO’s practice from last few decades.

Abhishek, Pateesh, and other memer of Social synergy foundations are came up and share their knowledge on social enterprises as well as them giving such examples of successful social enterprise model. Also everybody in the participant are agree the way forward which social synergy foundation describe through a need assessment process of those initiative to transformation in social enterprise Model.

After the workshop a specific tool share with CSO’s which create the entire database of the CSO as well as initiative. It will help for better understanding about them. On the basis of that tool each CSO’s connected with a conference call over the phone to justify the nature of initiative which are selected and a field visit of consultant was created for better understanding about the process.

In the process of institutional funding PRAVAH moves slowly in first years intervention because organization development process under the social enterprise model and strong communication process under the crowd funding model is directly help to the institutional funding chapter. Also it is some of CSO’s forte due to their funding history. So in this matter PRAVAH done the donor mapping as well as highly committed partner support officer introduced.

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